The gumolderers are an arm of the British masons, formed is Chelmsford in 1817 with chapters in Aurora Nova, Wales, the United States and Australia. Gumoldery is the (now archaic) title given to any mason-polymath; the term currently finding favor on the internet currently as a multipotentalite.

A secret society at the heart of the first occupants of Nightvale, who styled their city with Victorian architecture of the time.

A feud with King Edward II showed a reluctance to proceed with UK templates and a new order formed in Aurora Nova.

The gumolderers were distinguished by being the multi-potentialites of their generation; erstwhile referred to as jacks-of-all-trades.

Gumoldery is established in a miller’s shop with ample access to saddlery, scythes, barber’s cloths and chair, and a wooden spool. The spool can be anywhere from several hundred millimeters, to fifteen feet in diameter, depending upon the millinerists’ trade laws in that age. 

Fines for being caught gumoldering were steep, sometimes resulting in excessive and poorly ratified, unfair prison sentences. Inigo Gratitude Jones, and Margaux Woodley Jones were the first two residents of Nightvayle to be met with the death sentence for gumoldering upon others in an unpleasantly effusive manner.